Our Staffs

Our staffs are qualified and have years of experience in childcare. Chatter Bees staff are warm and friendly and always willing to provide secure, caring, happy environment for our children in the nursery. Staff help and work closely with all parents/carers to support their children’s needs and develop the learning journey of the start of their foundation stage.  

Our parents are part of their child/children’s learning and will always know their child best. We at Chatter Bees believe parents/carers are the first educators and know their children best. Our parents have an essential contribution to make towards their children’s learning and development. We work with all our parents to help the children settle well in the nursery and bring in what the child’s interest are and enjoys doing from home to nursery. We value all parents’ comments and views about the setting and work hard to make improvements. We encourage and share information with parents to help us work with their child/children for us to meet their needs.

We have an open- door policy for all our parents for any complaint, suggestions, comments  


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