HONEY ROOM (Toddlers) From  12 Months - 2 Years


In our Honey room is where under two’s will start when they start settling in the nursery. Each child is supported and helped by a key person. This is where children start to experience and explore in their early stage of life. Children become busy and chatty in their play curriculum areas. Where they start to become creative and imaginative in their play and learn how to experiment everyday materials and resources and become more curious of their environment. 


BUMBLEBEE ROOM (Pre-School)  From 2 - 4Years

​Our Bumblebee room is spilt into two age groups, two and half years old and three to four years old are based in this pre-school room. Bumblebee room provide a stimulating environment for children in this age group where staff encourage their progress through the seven learning areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) guidance. This is where our children become more curious about their self and learning about changes and movements. The children start to feel more ready to explore and develop their learning and seeing themselves as active learners. Children become more adventurous and willing to take part in their learning and focus longer on areas that interest them. The children now start to form relationships with their peers and share experience with each other. 


Opening times:


Monday 8am to 6pm

Tuesday 8am to 6pm

Wednesday 8am to 6pm

Thursday 8am to 6pm

Friday 8am to 6pm



Closed all Bank holidays, closed in August summer holidays and few days at Christmas.

Close few days in a year

for staff training


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